Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a procedure that involves fully and completely removing a tooth from a patient’s mouth. This is often done as a last resort option when other treatments have either failed or are not enough to save the tooth. You might need an extraction if the tooth poses a risk to your oral health, like with impacted wisdom teeth. Our goal is to provide our patients with extractions that are painless and comfortable for them.

What Is A Tooth Extraction

Why would a Tooth Extraction be needed?

The reason you might need to have a tooth extracted is because it is severely damaged or badly decayed. You might want to avoid more invasive procedures by simply having it removed. We might recommend that a tooth be removed if it’s impacted, like a wisdom tooth, or if your child has a stubborn baby tooth. Extractions are done when other treatments aren’t enough or have failed.

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Why Would A Tooth Extraction Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Tooth Extractions?

Most patients who need an extraction are good candidates for the procedure. Before removing the tooth, we perform an examination to determine if the procedure is necessary. Once the tooth has been removed, we will work on ways to properly replace it, if applicable. We offer many sedative options to make the extraction process easier for you.

What happens during a Tooth Extraction?

The procedure begins with anesthetic, which is used to numb an area of your mouth. We then carefully loosen and then lift the entire tooth our of its underlying socket. Sutures are placed, if necessary, immediately after the tooth has been taken out. You will bite on gauze to stop bleeding and we’ll provide you with care instructions to ensure your mouth heals properly after surgery. Extractions can be beneficial for both adult as well as pediatric patients who need to have this specific type of work done.

If you think you might benefit from a tooth extraction, call us today so that we can get you into our office for a consultation as soon as possible.

what are our patients saying?

Great service, knowledgeable doctor. I visited Optima Dental Spa and was incorrect told the basic service I needed to be provided was not covered by insurance. At Optima they took three unnecessary x-rays. Dr. v was more knowledgeable and didn’t require x-rays to cement my crown back on. Highly recommend him.

Laura R.

Dr. Varadi and his team are absolutely amazing! Dr. V is very thorough and compassionate and leads your experience with step by step process, so there’s no surprises. I would definitely recommend Dr. Varadi and his team.

Alicia J.

Dr. Mitchell is a great dentist. He is thorough and I always feel confident that I am getting the best care. His staff are also very good at what they do including periodontal work and insurance management. Dr. Mitchell's practice is an excellent choice.

Gary D.